Mar 022011


What do you read today?

Interesting question.  I assume you mean energetically.


Let’s see.  Right now feels like in between.

In between what? 

Just in between  A spot.  A space.  Nothing much in particular.

The kind of day you could go through on auto-pilot and at the end say “where did it go?” because it was so under the radar.

I suppose you might say “another day at the office” because it’s nothing special.

Every day is special.  Every day is all days.

Why do you suppose today feels like nothing?  Go deeper.

I got ahead of myself there with the glimpse I saw.

Today is the type of day that is up to us to make something of.  Today is ours to decide.

Today is the kind of day to help us realize how much we wait for something outside ourselves to make life happen, to make life exciting.

Life comes from within.  And without.  Your within is another’s without.

As in my from within becomes another’s without, from their perspective.  And they are without from my perspective.

We are all in and out.

Yes, that is true.

I remember my mother getting mad at the cat for not deciding whether she wanted to be in or out.

And there was no decision to be made at all.

In and out.  Both and all.

There is no time that you are not within and no time you are without.

And so what am I supposed to do with that?

You tell me.  What are you going to make of today?  Of this moment?

Anything I want I suppose.

Today, this moment, is yours to shift and create.

You can sleepwalk or awaken.

Do you even want to be doing what you thought you would do?

Are you living a day in default because you don’t want to decide what to do?

Take a good look at this.

Making motions is not enough.

You can walk around empty and still call yourself alive.

But are you really?

Motion is about doing.  Life is about being.

Motion without life is not living.

You’d be better off to not move until you decided who to be – at least for this moment and this day.

And let this grow from there.

Default is not where you want to be.

And that you know as well as I is the easy way out of trying not to decide.

Only you did.

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