Feb 222011


Let’s jump topics – from joy to judging.

They aren’t so far apart as you think.

Joy is who you are.  Judging is what you do.

But we are told not to judge.  That judging is bad.  Judge not for ye be judged.

How else would you come to know yourself and decide who you are?

It is through judging that you decide what you like and don’t like, what you want and don’t want.

You use judging as a tool to guide yourself through experiences in life.

The problem that you encounter is the power you attach to such decisions.

And that’s all a judgement is – a decision about who you are in this moment and given situation.

You forget two things.

You can change your decision at any time – in the very next moment if you like.

Your decisions are connected to others, to everything.  You cannot make a decision in isolation.

You only tend to look at your judgements when they have what you call a negative impact or cause harm to something or someone else.

What about all the judgements you make that have a positive impact?

You see those as something entirely else.

But they are not.

Good or bad, the outcome is a decision you made on the outcome of a decision.

You are deciding at every turn.  You are making a determination with each look.

You are judging the situation before you.

There is nothing right or wrong about judging, about making a decision.

What you are doing in your judgement of judgement is defining who you are.

In your past you have seen much power assigned to one over another in making decisions.

You have begun to notice that what you do to one you do to another.

You have come to realize you are all inter-related and your true power comes from within.

No longer are you interested in giving or taking power away but instead you have the desire to bring forth.

This is an old concept only recently understood on a scale large enough to create shift.

Your whole world turns upside down when the power structure comes from within and brought forth, and not granted or taken away from the outside.

Your whole legal system will be turned on it’s side, toppled and taken away.

That day is far away but closer than you know.

You are in the early but growing stages of understanding who you really are and the power that you hold.

Do not stop yourself from making judgements.

It will nearly be impossible anyway.

Focus instead on looking ahead at your decisions before they are made.

Focus instead on deepening your connection with others so that they are in your shoes and you theirs.

Bring forth your power rather than giving it away.

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