Feb 162011



You seek it and you repel it.

Back and forth the tension goes.

You need this energy until you can find another way.

Chaos is always around if you look.  Bonds break apart and form.

How else would you rearrange yourselves when things are stable?

But that’s the key.  They only appear stable.

And so you put your energy into keeping what appears to be the same rather than pulling them apart and arranging anew.

So not only do you have the forces – as mild as they are and yet so powerful – of what is holding things together to overcome, you have the energy of all you added into the mix.

Now there is even more to move.

You do not realize how much power you wield.  As much as the atoms you pull apart and create great reactions.

Creation – reaction.

There you go again.  The same energy rearranged.

The same forces to work with you or against you.

You should look outside your physical world for the answers you seek.  There is only so much you can do with what you have.

But in the realm beyond you have everything available to you.

The force you need to change is but the blink of an eye, the thought of true intent.

You are not ones to give up and back down when it is you at stake.  You will keep on.

This is you we are up to.

That force cannot be denied.

That drive to be you is unstoppable once awoken.

Play well together for that is what you came here to do.

But that does not mean you are all in the same space.

That too you decided to include in the game.

Expect not there will come a time when you are all on the same page.

What fun would that be save a small reprieve.

The pieces are simply engaged to move again – break apart, expand and extend.

Stable and same is not who you are nor what you desire to seek.

More of yourself is what you came here to be.

And that may be a smooth path or rough – it matters not.

The ever changing end is what you desire to be.

Embrace the chaos.  Use it rather than be used.

Be on the outside so you can use it within.

This is the time of great breakthroughs and you have come here to be part of it.

Know that deep in your heart.

Know that the change you are here to create is at hand.

You are the maker of the game.

Do not take on just any change.

Discern from all others the change you came here specifically to make.

You will have attraction for all and passion for one.

Connect with that and watch your world unfold.

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