Feb 152011


You should not concern yourselves with leadership so much.

Focus instead on showing up.

All the time.

You cannot pop in and out and expect things to change.

Shift takes effort on your part as well as ours.  We are all in this together.

Remember that.

On all levels.

You are the ones who have come here to lead us all in this direction.  Do not let that scare you.

Let that empower you instead.

You said “I will” and you did.

And now the time has come to take us all to a new level.

You are more advanced that you think but you have hidden it so well.

That is what you came here to show us.  How to forget and remember so well.

Lead us not into nothing.

We are familiar with that.

Lead us into ourselves.

Take us to that which you have always known and covered up so well.

You are masters of our destiny just as we are of yours.

Learn from us as we learn from you.

Show up.

That’s all you have to do.

And stay.

Show up and stay in the forefront.

Now is not the time to shy away.  You are so close.

The tipping point is at hand.

Keep the tension and all will move forward – you will be startled by the give.

Shy away and you must start all over again – and you will.

There is not doubt about that.  You showed up before this all began.

You are here to stay.

  2 Responses to “Lead Us Not Into Nothing”

  1. Yes! We will show up over and over. We will learn to recognize that this is all we ever need to do. And as we give you ‘what we have always known and covered up so well’—–will you, then, ease us into the ‘Pregnant Nothingness’ whose familiar depth you know, while we’ve forgotten. And in True remembrance, deep presence will shift us out of any expectation—-into effortlessness HERE, fully open and available. And ALL will be only yes.

    Thanks for asking!
    Smiles, from ‘us’

  2. A beautiful painting Stephanie of the interplay that occurs when we show up and stay for each other … and moving ever deeper into us-selves!



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