Feb 142011


Will there come a day when we won’t need leaders?

In the very far future you will find your definition of leadership will have changed.  You will have come to organize yourselves in such a way that supports being who you are.

And when you are being who you are you cannot help but be what you call a leader.

Imagine what your world will look like then – all of you being who you are and bringing out the best in each other.

How do you think you will organize yourselves then?

Instead of telling or showing others what to do you will stand up and say “I will do this.  Does anyone want to come along and join me?”

You will not care about numbers or who joins you.  That will not be your measure of how good you are or how much power you hold.

There will in fact be no need to measure power – especially over one another or anything.

The power you have over another will in fact tell you how much you are digressing into where you do not want to go.

You will not want to take another’s power from them.

That will not feel good to you and in fact be your indication you need to change direction.

What will make you feel good is helping another to have and hold their power and share it with you – for there is enough to go around and more.

Your true measure of excitement and good feeling will come from experiencing more of yourselves which is each other.

You will not lead because you have to or there is a need to.

You will stand up and say “let’s go” because there is more of you to know – in both depth and number.

You are in a time of transition right now.  Some of you see this as the way and other’s don’t.

Some are not ready to see this yet and other are ready if just shown.

Keep at it.  The frustration may be high.

This is all part of what you came here to know.  Be happy for these signals of change.

There is so much that lays ahead if you are ready to go.

What you know to be true from the place of you is where you need to head.

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