Feb 122011


Back to a couple of days ago.  Won’t things fall apart or not get done if there is no one to lead?

You are confusing leadership with management.

And no, nothing will ever fall apart because is can’t.  It may not look like you want it to but it just is.

You can change what it looks like but it still just is.

So what’s the difference between managing and leading then? 

Managing is all about organizing yourselves.

Leading is all about becoming more of who you are, moving towards your true nature.

Those are two very different outcomes.

Your best organizers may not be your best leaders.

In fact, they may not be leaders at all.

To organize yourselves to get from point A to point B takes a tremendous effort.  Getting a group of any size to move in the same direction is quite a feat.

But it does not mean you are going towards more of being who you are – of bringing out your true nature.

Organizing does not lead to change automatically.

And what if organizing is taking you, the all of you away from being more of our true selves?

There will be resistance.  There will be force.

There will be a return to your true selves eventually.

That you cannot help but do.

The only question is what you call a matter of time.

You would do well to start calling your leaders by what they truly do – organize.

Take a good look around you and really see what they are doing.

How many true, true leaders do you have amongst you?

How many are just managing?

There are few on your planet now of great vision.

That is your biggest hindrance to change.

You do not have others to show you how to dream or become more of yourselves.

What about all these self-help teachers and courses that are out there?

Precisely.  You made my point for me.

The word you used was self-help.

That does not move you in the direction of becoming more of yourselves.

Self-help is all about you, the individual you.  A whole bunch of separated yous does not a one make.

Your true nature is as one and the whole.

Your teachers are focused on a whole bunch of yous.

You are still waiting for someone to come along and show you how to be together as one.

That is going to take all of you.

That is going to take a shift in vision of what it means to be you.

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