Feb 102011


Aren’t people tired of being led?

What to you mean?

You talk of “show the way” and “somebody has to lead” or “take a stand“, “people are followers”.

Aren’t people just tired of being told what to do? 

That is the old way, the way of survival.

Your key mission was to live another day.  And the strongest or smartest got to lead the way because your survival depended on it.

But you never gave that up.

You never said there is another way.

Up until now there were so few of you who could survive on your own you just kept up the game.

Let’s face it – when faced with the choice of death or follow – you will choose follow every time.

So think of all the ways that you avoid death – money, social acceptance to name two.

You are social beings so to be outcast for most of you is the same as death.

Your supplier of money is your new strongest guy.

And we won’t even go into the billions of you who are still facing the physical challenges of survival on a daily basis.

I hate to tell you this but you are nowhere ready to be leaderless.

You still need people to take a stand.

You still need people to show the way.

But it can all be done in a new way.

You know top down leadership so well.  And bottom up leadership you are just starting to grasp.

But what about leadership from the side?

This is where you are going to get to.

And what is leadership from the side?

Non-linear for one.

You will consider it to be complex at first, especially if you tried to draw it in a picture.

You will find this is something that you know – from deep inside – rather than something you try or invent.

You will recognize that leadership comes from inside and is not assigned or granted.

You think you can elect people to lead but also know too well this is not true.

You may be able to elect people to manage, but lead they do not.

Leadership from the side is about being who you are and showing up for others.

Being a leader is not about telling others what to do.  Being a leader is bringing yourself to the table and helping others show up too.

You have this idea if you were all highly evolved there would be nothing and no one to lead.

You would all go about your business, individually.

The first part is true – you would all go about your business.

But your business is each other and the relationships in between.

As you evolve you all become leaders for each other.  Your goal is to help each other experience and explore yourselves to the fullest.

You all bring something to the table that is of value to all others.

Because you are all others.

When you are you others can see that part of themselves they couldn’t before.

Bring out the best in you by simply being you.

You all do this for each other.

Not separately but together.

Can you imagine your world where you want to be together – on purpose?

Can you imagine your world where there are no imaginary borders you use to keep each other apart?

Oh such silly games you play.

Believe me, it will take leaders, many of you being leaders to tear down the walls you have built between you.

You take such great pride in the taking down of the physical barrier in the place you call Berlin.

You haven’t even come close to taking down the many and multiple walls that surround you.

The physical wall touched your hearts so deeply because you were touched in the deepest places of home.

And yet your world is filled with building bigger walls to encase more people.

You are funny beings for choosing to see what you do.

All and ever you have to do is be you.

That will take you places you dare not dreamt to go – but it is your heart and who you are.

You are on the verge of reorganizing yourselves anew.

Walk into that fully even when you think you want to shy away.

Grand things await you but it may seem tough at times.

That perception, however, is up to you.

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