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Commitment and decision.  You wanted to know more about commitment and decision.

Yes.  I even wrote a note to remind myself.

What, if any, is the difference between commitment and decision?

None and quite a bit actually.

Commitment without decision is a half-filled promise to yourself that you will do something.

And even worse yet is if you make a commitment without believing in what you said you would do.

That is a recipe for failure, or rather discontinuance.

Commitment is saying you will do something but it does not have to do with what you will do.

Commitment doesn’t necessarily reach into who you are.

Decision does.

When you decide, truly decide from a place of who you are, nothing will change you from your path.

Decision is a declaration of who you are.

Once you have made a decision from the heart, commitment is nothing but redundant.  Totally unnecessary.

You use commitment as a promise of behavior, a declaration of what you will do or how you will act.

When you decide something you no longer need that standard to measure yourself against or to “hold you to it” so to speak.

Decision is a natural expression of you.

And when you let you through, no guidelines are necessary.  No standard of behavior is needed to keep you on track.

When you make a commitment you are working from your physical world, from your place of what you call ego (although that is an entire discussion unto itself).

Commitment is something you have to pay attention to and work on yourself.

And because of that you are more likely to carry out your commitment in the energy of struggle.

Decision on the other hand is in the realm of what you know.  It enters the world of just is.

You do not have to pay attention to ensuring your decision sticks because it is part of and an expression and reflection of who you are.

You do not have to pay attention to you.  You do not have to mind you.

You’d be better off in fact if you paid yourself no mind.

Pay no one no mind.

Give them and you yourself instead.

Pay anyone and everyone you.

That is the greatest payment you could ever make.

Commitment often comes from a space of trying to align yourself with social norms.

And that will lead you away from you faster than you know.

Trying to be what you think you should be rather than who you are is a recipe for struggle and a long road ahead waiting to happen.

Trying to make you what you are is not something you should decide to end.

When you are you and decide from that place – you become you all over again.

Creation occurs.

Life changes.

What can be more natural than that?

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