Jan 292011


So what does whole thinking get us?

That is a good way to term it.

You talk elsewhere about holistic thinking and healing.  The intent is to take in the whole picture, not just this component or that.

Yet you have not yet extended that concept to the next level of seeing yourselves as part of the whole picture.

You still see yourselves as the components rather than the whole.

And again, as you know with your body, putting each part of your body together does not mean you end up with your body.

The sum is greater than the parts.

Yes, precisely.

And we cannot make a kernel of corn from its parts.  But we can break a kernel into its parts.  (Michael Pollan fans will recognize that reference.)

Yes.  You will always find breaking the whole into the parts much easier than the other way around.

Not because it is more difficult or impossible, but because you have set yourselves up that way.

You have a whole new world of discovery before you.

Up until now you have been very good at breaking down, very good at following backwards path to where you are now.

And the time has come where you are shifting directions and facing forwards.

Instead of breaking down you are putting together.

You are moving into the realm of the whole instead of just the parts.

You will see both.

You will be both.

No longer will the parts you study give you sufficient knowledge about your world.

The world hasn’t changed.

You have.

There is a whole new world out there because there is a whole world you are now being able to see.

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