Jan 282011


Are you saying we should all think alike?

No.  I said you should recognize you are all thinking together.

And the difference is?

To think alike is to share the same thought.

That sets you up to not think like “them” and then you create separateness.

Us vs Them all over again.

To think together is to recognize you are not separate to begin with and can have a different view of the whole.

When you compile or bring together all the pieces you get an entirely different picture from even trying to combine the different pieces into one.

Even when you combine this piece with that there is an underlying belief you start from separate viewpoints to begin with.

I tell you that can’t be further from the truth.

You start from the same place.

Imagine if you had eyes around your head – all the way around.  Or you had eyes that only saw their little bit – this side and that.

Each eye would see something unique from each other but the images would be processed into a whole because that is where you begin.

You form a complete picture, not just this eye or that.

Even with the way you see now with only two eyes.

You see two separate images that are combined into a whole – except you do not see behind or beside you.

Now imagine four of you standing backs to backs.

Over time you would begin to see an entirely different world because you would become – the four of you – the one central point.

Each of you would see something different – you would not think alike – but you would think together and see the world in 360 degrees.

That would become your world – not trying to piece together this view with that.

You would change the point from which you saw the world altogether.

So this is where you can go to because you are already there.  You are already coming from the whole perspective – because you are the whole perspective.

Only you decided to forget by facing each other and pretending you are separate.

You can think together once again.

You just need to remember.

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