Jan 272011


You like to see things where there is not something to see.

And then when there is something to see you don’t.

You are funny creatures in your own little world, creating what you want and not even knowing it.

Instead of bringing meaning to the meaningless, see what has meaning in the first place.

But you begin to argue now that everything has meaning.

Step back.  Step out of where you are.

Everything does have a meaning but that does not mean you get to make it up.

That is how you screw yourselves over into places you never meant to go.

It is one thing to see the meaning and quite another to make it up.

Especially when you make up meaning that really wasn’t there.

How you end up with such grand stories at times is quite a sight to see.

Step into another perspective.  See your world how another might see it.

What if you all started seeing from some place that wasn’t you?

Would you step out of the mess you got yourself in?

Would you see more of what is and less of what you thought?

Your stories bind you to a single way of thinking whether you like it or not.

Try a new story every day.  Give it a whirl and see what happens.

Awaken each day as somebody new or even what you call a thing.

What if you spent the day moving through your world as a tree or a blade of grass?

What story would they have to tell?

What you fail to realize over and over again is you are the same set of eyes seeing differently each time.

You are all looking at the same world from the same one.

You think bugs are odd with multi-faceted eyes – but you are no different.

You just miss the step where you process all those views into one perception of your world.

You fail to see you are all seeing the same thing and all these different views are simply a part of the whole.

Try now to take the next step and integrate all the pieces into a picture you have not seen before.

You will be amazed at how you can see what you didn’t ever before – right before you all this time.

You are all a piece of the whole, now is the time to start seeing what that holds for you.

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