Jan 212011


There must be more than “stop saving face” to help us become connective.

You do not understand the true nature of your transparency.

This is a popular word you have in your societies now.  You want those in charge to be transparent and accountable.

And yet they seldom are.

How about you?

Are you transparent and straightforward and willing to stand behind your actions?

What you do not understand is your desire for transparency is driven by your knowledge that you can already see each other, that you already know each other and you are part of the one.

Your desire for transparency is driven by the growing awareness that you have been hiding from yourselves all this time.

You really do know you are.

Yet in your desire to see one another again you find ways to still hide.

You find ways to put limits on what you reveal.

Being transparent is not something you do.  Transparent is something you are.  It is a declaration of “this is who I am”.

And as with everything else, your expression of who you are is carried out by what you do.

You cannot do transparency.  You can be transparent but cannot do transparent.

You will become connective once again in your actions when you drop your pretenses, your facades, your cover ups.

This is already happening and why you are seeing each other on a new level.

You cannot just say you are transparent, you have to be transparent.

Stand in who you are.  Do not try and fool others for you are only fooling yourself.

Too many people are able to see and there are many more who are beginning to realize that something is afoot.

You already see each other so stop pretending that you don’t.

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