Jan 202011


What suggestions do you have for being a connective, to come together in ever larger numbers?

Stop saving face.

Lose it in fact.

You do harm to yourself when you try and avoid embarrassment.

You do harm to yourself when you try and retain what you thought you believed when you no longer do.

Admit when you are wrong for you never really are.

You can grow, learn something new, see something different.

Just because you see a different way now does not make what you saw before bad or wrong.

You knew differently than you do now so you have different choices to make.

Your decisions create your future.  They do not control your past.

Allow yourself the room to choose differently.  Give that same room to others too.

You cannot expect things to change if you do not allow others to change too.

Do not look at a person for who they were.  See them for who they are and who they can be.

You will do more for changing this planet of ours if you let go of the past and focus on creating the future.

Give yourselves a chance to change.

Give yourselves a chance to learn.

Give yourselves a chance to change your minds.

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