Jan 182011


Back to the discussion a few days ago.  Doesn’t being a collective mean we’re communists?  Or the Borg?

Shouldn’t we pride ourselves on having individual thought rather than group think?

You can organize yourselves in many different ways.  You can put labels on them and tear them off again.

You can persuade others to think as you do or not. 

You are all one in the same.

You cannot deny your true nature for it will always shine through.

But being one does not mean you are all alike.

Nor does being the same.

You have this unique ability to experience both sides of the equation.

You have this awareness to place yourselves into a different perspective and see your world anew.

But the more you do that the more you see yourself as the same.

A part and the whole at the same time.

This is your game.  Your rules to change.

You know deep in your heart that you cannot survive alone.  You are not wired that way.

You brought that piece from home.

You wanted to ensure you had some connection, some bread trail to find your way home.

Your health and longevity is wired into the well being of all.  Your happiness, your joy you cannot deny.

But the systems you have built to organize yourselves are just that – you-builts.

You have always come together and you always will.

There has been fear instilled in this word collective you use.

It is nothing but a word.  Letters put together with a meaning you assigned.

Your family is a collective and a unit you depend on.

So too is your community of many different kinds.

Your cities and nations are nary more than a collective too.

A collective is nothing more than a bringing together where the like meet like and the different becomes a part too.

You are already a collective from the outside.  There are others who already see you as one.

You cannot help that but you do deny it.

Separation is your biggest struggle to overcome.

You have always had difficulty in integrating the more – even though it always was.

Soon there will be a day when you will see all as your family of one.

You like to say “blood is thicker than water” as your representation of knowledge of one, of home.

You know for as much as you may be separate you are still connected with the one.

Would you feel better if you used the word connective instead of collective?

You can play all you want – but you are all the same in a different way.

You rebel and yet you return.

Just as members of a family do.

Those who try to perpetuate separateness will always and ever eventually fail.

You cannot help yourselves.

You will always return to what you know.

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