Jan 162011


How can we be together then?

Take your defenses down.  Get raw.  Get naked in you.

That’s asking a lot to get vulnerable like that.

You asked.  I answered.

You are never not far from this state of being anyway.  You do not have far to go.

Remember, you are never not you.

Getting naked in yourself is not something you have to seek or find or create or discover.

Let your pretenses go.

Look at yourselves when one of your so-called disasters strikes.

Is it a disaster when you have a chance to be you, when everything you have is gone and all there is left is you?

Is it a disaster when all you have left in this world is you and each other?

Rebuild not your homes but yourselves.

How quickly you forget once you have put back together those things that kept you apart in the first place.

Not that these things you have are bad or that they kept you apart.

You kept you apart and simply used those things as a way to remind yourself of that game.

Rebuild yourselves this time as the one you are.

This life is about who you are and what you do to express that.

Do not get lost again in your doings or havings as you have done before.

And do not think you need a disaster in order to come together.

Do not think you need to lose everything to get naked.

You can be naked together at any time with a simple shift in your perspective.

Remember you already are.

Separate yourselves from what you believe you have in order to see what you do have – each other and yourselves for they are one in the same.

You will always seek each other no matter how hard you try to separate.

Give up the fight.  Spend your energies elsewhere.

You will open up the space to be more of yourselves than ever before and far beyond what you can imagine.

Truly be with one another and then move into being the other.

Be you as them and them as you.

You will start to see there is no difference and yet there is.

What you call different will take on a whole new meaning.

What you see as a difference will take on a whole new purpose.

You will take on a difference on purpose for both yourself and another to experience.

You will willingly say to each other “I will try that out for you, for I know you will do the same for me.”

And soon you will find yourselves consciously creating for one another and be thankful for what it brings to your lives.

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