Jan 152011


Your collectiveness is much grander than you think.

It is not just about working together.

Collectiveness is about being together and expressing yourselves as a whole and a part at the same time.

Instead of trying to make your parts work together into a whole, into what you call a cohesive unit, start with seeing yourselves as the whole you are and move from there.

Be from there.

How does your world change when you recognize – and accept – that you are already whole – with everything.

Assume it is a given – because it is.

Stop trying to come together and just be together.

Stop trying to build what is already built.

Stop trying to create a problem from what is already fixed.

Be whole first. See why you all came together here at this time because you all have a part that you wanted to play.

The game is not the same without one of you.

But remember it is you playing the game.  That does not change who came to the table to play.

You are all in this together.

Step back and see yourselves having already won.  See yourselves having already accomplished the end game.

When you fold up the playing board it is you who are all the same in your special way.

That is what you cannot grasp – being the same and different at the same time.

Nor can you grasp your desire to be the same when you feel different.

You are always wanting the other.  Bouncing back and forth.

You want to belong when you are different and when you belong you want to be different.

Never content in where you are.

That is good if you realize what you are playing.  That changes the whole game.

Awareness shifts you into a whole other perspective.

Play well together for you are already done.

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