Jan 102011


Okay, so what do I do with the chat yesterday on businesses?  Do we give them up?  How do we make money?  How do we survive?

You survived long before money was ever invented.

Money is simply a token of exchange.  Instead you have given your power to money – much more than just making it a token.

You have forgotten yourselves, and each other, with your use of money.  And now for many of you there is no money to be seen except numbers on a screen.

Money left but the idea stuck.

You do not need money to survive.

You need each other.

Simple as that.

And it has always been that way.

Use your businesses as what they truly represent – a way of organizing yourselves to work together.

They are not much different than what you call your co-operatives.

You simply changed the rules and gave it a different name.

The biggest issue you have with your so-called businesses is that you have created rules to protect yourself from what you do to another.

If you were fully responsible for what you did there would be no need to hide behind anything.

But people will still sue for no good reason, even if you did nothing wrong.  How do you protect against that?

You don’t need to protect yourself against anything.

But again, you have set yourselves up, the game up, to pit yourselves against one another instead of working with one another.

Hurt is a powerful emotion.

How is it that you hurt one another – and everything around you – even if you didn’t mean to?

You are making decisions in a bubble – the bubble of you.

Only you do not recognize or realize that you are everyone and everything else.

And in your quest for power accumulation, you go about it by trying to isolate yourselves.

I tell you, you cannot get away from you.  You are everywhere you look and you cannot deny that, even though you try.

You all have more than enough but you set up your games to keep you thinking you don’t.

You keep up the pretenses to keep the game going even when you know it is hurting yourself as others and as you.

There is no separation.

Use businesses to organize yourselves and accomplish what you are unable to do alone.

You can organize yourselves in many ways – but they all come back to you.

Everything is a reflection of you.

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