Jan 092011


Your businesses are not separate from you.

They are you.

Businesses do not run or form on their own.  They do not exist without you.

When you die, many a business dies along with you.

If you had a holocaust tomorrow, your businesses would no longer exist – but many other things do.

Why is it you give these non-entities such power over you?  You have given your power away to them.

They have become more important than you.

You rely now on businesses to provide jobs for people to keep them busy in exchange for money so they can buy food and shelter, and have what you call comforts.

What happened to the day when you grew your own food, you worked together to make enough for all, and traded with one another to give what you had?

Now you have set up a system where you are removed from the situation and these non-entities have power over you.

And let me be clear.  I ask these things of you to make you aware of what in other circumstances you would consider insane.

Businesses are neither good nor bad.

How could they be?

They are not real.

They are the creations you make them to be.

They are the reflection of your thoughts and ideas of yourself.

They are the collective reflection of all of you together.

They are your relationships with one another expressed.

Is what you see what you truly desire to be?

Is this how you wish to carry on?

This is your experience.  The answers are up to you.

You are the ones to create the change, not I.

The sooner you realize that the better off you will be.  The quicker you will take back your own power to create the world you wish to see.

Take a good look at what you call business and why you wish to proliferate this concept.

You do not like it now yet you are spreading the idea to others to believe in.

Would you also classify that as insane?

Take a good look at yourselves and what you wish to create from who you desire to be.

That is the question first you must answer.

Change your world to look like that.  Change your businesses to look like that.

Change your ideas about money to look like that.

See where you can be.

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