Nov 222010


Is that why they call a watch a watch – because you are always watching it, watching time?

They should call it diversion.  You could have a wrist-diversion or a pocket-diversion.

Nothing like carrying a diversion with you in case you don’t have one of your own to pull out of the air when you need it.

Maybe that’s why I don’t wear a watch.  I can create a diversion in an instant.

You can.  You are very good at it. 

A watch, and time in general, is a whole context of diversion.  You structure your life around it.

Like money.

Which is interesting because neither exist.

Time and money are all in your head.

Yet they control your physical world.

And you thought you weren’t creative beings.

Your world of science is all about things real.  If you can’t prove it then it doesn’t exist.

Show me where money is.  Show me where time is.

They are but conventions you agreed to on a large scale.

So why can’t you agree on other things on that scale too?

Probably because it would bump up against the agreements and conventions around money.

You are capable of the large scale agreements you seek to create the changes you desire in your world.

Spend your energy on these.

Create anew in your head.

You did it once before.  Do it again.

And once again.

The contexts within which you have lived are no longer serving you.

And yet you keep finding ways to put yourself back in there.

You are doing this to yourself.

Step out.  Break the mould.  Create anew.

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