Nov 012010


Let’s go for the big question.


What happens when you die?

Your ultimate unknown.  Tell me first –

What happens when you live? 

It’s not the same thing.  I’m here.

Are you really?  Only in death do you know the life you have lived or not.

You go on, but you don’t believe me.  You repeat your question over and over across centuries.

If you really didn’t know that you go on – a question of the ego – then you would not put off all that you do.

You would not live small.  You would pack in as much to your life as possible.

Would we really?

Probably not.  You are human after all.

Your long term awareness of eventualities has little bearing on your current behavior.

For as much as you are concerned with what happens after you cease to be in this particular body, you don’t act that way.

Look what you do to and put in your bodies.

They can live for hundreds of years but you  fall short of that.  You look for cures rather than preventions.

You rely on after-the-fact ways to correct what you didn’t have to do in the first place – and create big businesses around them.

You know yourselves well.

Do you rely on death as your second chance, and the opportunity for a do-over and get things right the next time?

Don’t count on it.

Who you are now is not who you will be.

All that you have done here and are doing really doesn’t matter.

Until you realize that life after death begins here and now, you will not get any closer to the answers you seek.

Your questions about death are answered by living, by being you and expressing that in everything you do.

The unknown is quite known because it is in front of you.

Your answer is [already here].

In life you know death.  Live your truest self and all your questions shall be answered.

I am the life and the way was not spoken by a dead person.  Think about that.

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