Oct 202010


Share yourself.

Others are waiting for you to show up in their life.  They are anticipating your arrival.

For they have already seen you and know you are exactly what is needed.

Your smile, your helping hand, you just being there shifts everything. 

You make a difference even if you don’t think so.  All you have to be is you.

The impacts are far reaching so don’t hold back, don’t just give a little piece of yourself or only go half way.

There is all of you to go around.

You are not a pie cut into pieces.  You are 100% you in every situation.


It is when you hold back you become frustrated and scattered.

So then you have to spend even more energy pulling yourself together again.

It is not natural for you to be apart – with yourself or others.

The more you come together the more of your whole self you are.

You are all of it.  Be all of it.

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