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So from what you said yesterday, is being a feeling?

Being is a decision.  Feelings are a way to tell if you are being what you decided or not.

The clarity between the two is much greater when you decide your state of being.

When you aren’t aware of what and who you are being then the distinction between being and feeling is very blurry. 

Beingness isn’t a role either, is it.  Like people saying they love being a mom or a teacher or a golfer.  Or they love going to the beach.

The last one is most accurate.   Most people are actually being when they are at the beach.

But remember, the beach, a mom, a teacher or a golfer are just labels for a way people are being.   And two people’s idea of what they love about being a mom are completely different.

You would do well to talk in the specifics, about what’s underneath the label, rather than talk in high levels or labels.

When you say mom and another says mom, you both shake your head in agreement without knowing if you are actually shaking about the same thing.

Think to what express a mom or teacher or golfer is about who you are.  What part or parts of you are being fully expressed or demonstrated in those activities?

When you are laying on the beach or sitting on the deck, what part of you is shining through?

Most of the time you are busy doing – no time to stop.  What is it about the beach or the deck that you allow yourself to come out?

And it is powerful enough to make you stop everything you are doing to only engage in the doing of sitting, staring, laying and then sleeping sometimes.

You are still doing those things but you are much more in tune with what you are being at that moment.

And you like what you are being.

By this example, recognize how much of yourself you disconnect from yourself from being in constant motion.

You stop being when you do and you stop doing when you are most being.

It only appears this way because you have made it this way.  You are always being something and expressing it in what you are doing.

The two never stop happening.  There is not an either or, now and when.

Pay attention to yourself when you are most active.  Who are you being?  Did you decide this or did it just happen?

Is this who you decided to be?

That’s where you can start to change things.

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