Jul 182010


Go ahead.

Ask any question you want and I will answer.

You may not even have to do what you call wait in order to get my response. 

For it is already within you.

More often than not you know too before you ask, but you have hidden the truth from yourself in some way.

You just need to listen.

And then hear.

And accept.

You may not like the answer that is given.  So what do you want to do with that?

Do you want to keep searching and come back around to give in to what you already know?

Why do you want to keep searching?  Why do you want to continue to fight?

There is much to do and yet you would rather pretend you do not know than get on with it.

Yes, there are times when you feel you truly do not know.

You have placed much in front of you [that] you must move through.

But this can all fall away if you just let go.

See all that you are holding onto.  And you wonder why you are so tired all the time.

Let yourself truly hear what is here.

You may not like it.  You may go against everything you have thought.

But I ask you this – what does it feel like – open or closed?

Do you feel you have to resign yourself to what is in front of you?  You re sign onto something new.

The energy about you will tell you exactly where you are.

Look for the slightest hint of struggle or resistance.  You are still in fight mode.

Ego knows best.  And you will fight another day.  And struggle another day.  And continue to seek another day.

You are not ready to let go.

A sky diver cannot wait until rock bottom to let go.  They will hurt themselves much more than if they just let go.

Listen to yourself.

I cannot say this enough times until you do.

Listen to all the stuff you put before you.

Disguise is your greatest skill turned against you.

But what if you truly don’t know?

Then create whatever you desire.  The slate is all yours.

The idea is yours for the making and taking.

You do not have to wait for something to come along or be told what to do.

Decide, not choose.

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