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If all religions teach peace and tolerance for each other, why are we still violent after thousands of years?

You tell me.  Why wouldn’t your peaceful nature be natural?

Now that’s a good question – unnatural nature.

I was asking you.

But you are the one with the violent nature.  Not I. 

Okay – but I thought we are the same.  That would make you violent.

And what about tornadoes, earthquakes and such.

We are one in the same.

Your violence comes from the human experience.  It is a layer upon all that is.

And that is key.

You have masked all that is with the experience of turbulence and violence – only two of the many experiences you have created and chosen.

And I do not have to tell you again that it is not I at the hand of what you call acts of god – that is your expression to explain what are also natural outcomes on your planet.

They are not weapons at my disposal for your misdeeds.  Although some on your planet might very well want to use them as such.

Do not think this has not been thought of – how to disguise the use of these natural powers as something I did instead of them.

Now that is irresponsible, not accountable and certainly not transparent as is the movement in your civilized world.

So why do we fight?  Why are we violent or resort to violence as a last ditch measure if all other peaceful measures fail.

Because you believe you are in a fight for your life.

You always have since the beginning of your time.

Live or die.  Me or them.  Us or it.

You see yourself as having to fight for every last breath of air.

You battle cancer and other diseases.

You kill one another out of anger and power.

Here is where the first line starts

You think not fighting, non-violence, is peace.

I tell you it is not.

It is a lull, a space until the next time you pick up the sword.  You see violence as your protection – a way to survive at all costs.

This is not your nature.  This is something you have learned and forgotten.

Your greatest tool of survival is to work together, to be together, to get along.

You do this in small groups because it is easier to have a control structure, but you have found the essence of it all – the key to your survival is to be with one another.

You don’t have to all be the same or act one way or adopt a single idea.

That is not the point.

Together you bring your sources of power together and support one another.

Now you must grow your togetherness beyond what you perceive to be the same.

You must find sameness in your differences.

You are all on one planet.  You can only be apart for so long.

Your survival will now depend on you coming together rather than staying apart.

This is another way for you to explore and experience who you are.

You do not have to give up yourself – which you perceive to be death – once again your survival.

What you can do is see how much more of you you really are.

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