Jul 042010


Dream big.

So big in fact you might even consider it impossible.  Go so far beyond the edge you would call it unimaginable.

Open the door and you will find possibility standing there.

You must take the first step.  No one can make you walk through.

You can help another as they help you, but somewhere inside you must open the space for possibility to shine through.

After that there is no limit as to what you can do.

Possibility is about what can be, not what is.

You have enough reality in your life.  Possibility is what is lacking.

Possibility is the power behind change.

Possibility is what moves you out of where you are now.

Possibility is that which allows you to shift on a dime.

Don’t discard possibility as child’s play or the game of fools.  That is exactly what keeps you where you are, the place you long not to be.

Dream day and night of what you cannot see.  And soon you will.

Hope is for the hedgers, the ones who do not dare to fall of the edge and fly.

Dreams are for those who know there is no edge to fall from at all.

You may not see what you dream but what you dream you will see.

And from there the doors to imagination and that which can be imagined are flung wide open.

You only have to believe once and not be thrown off to know there is more that is true.

You only have to believe once to know all those other times don’t matter.  Possibility has come true.

You only have to dream beyond wild imagination to know there is more out there just waiting for you.

The only cruel joke is that for which you do not try.

Live big or live small.  Yours to choose.  Yours to decide.

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