Jun 292010


You would do much better at being a collective, and staying as a collective, if you saw yourself as being together rather than apart.

Your story of being different has done you more harm than good in many ways.  We do not need to cover that here – you can come up with a lengthy list on your own.

Your being a collective depends on you finding common ground, the ground that already exists but [you] have forgotten.

You could start with the ground you walk on for it is the most common of all, as is the sky and your water too.

Your attempt to own these has given you a false sense of identity, made you into something you not are.

So from one piece of ground you have drawn a line in the sand and declared “this is mine, do not cross for you will die”.

You are a collective against one another as a nation, as a religion, as a culture state.

You pretend you do not see what another has done so you can be the first one to come up with the original thought.

What another has done is not good enough for you even though it has been proven over and over to work.

You even make yourself try something new so you don’t have to use what’s already been done.

You tell yourself you are different.  Nothing will work that has not come from you.

How can anyone else know what you need?

And yet you go into other places and tell them exactly what to do because this is how it is done, and if you want our help you will do it our way.

You are funny creatures and oh my, the games you have created to play.

A simple change of thought would shift everything away from where you are going.

A simple thought to say “we are the same”, not even “we are one” but simply “we are the same” would shift the power of your collective identity, which is your collective consciousness, in an entirely new direction.

You are afraid you will become lost, just another face in the crowd.

How can you compete with 6.7 billion others when you can’t compete now at work, or home, or school.

Everyone likes to stand out as a star and you can’t even do that now.

I ask you – when you look at the stars in the sky do you see only one or two, or do you marvel at them all?

You will not become lost but rather you will be found.  Your biggest fears are to be alone and that can only come from seeing yourself as apart.

You cannot feel alone when you see others who are the same all around you.

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