Jun 032010


There is not much that you can wish for that does not come true.  Very little.

But you do not see the effects of what it is you wish because you do not know what it is you wish.

And how often you change that.

You are a powerful machine of creation.

If only you would believe that once and for all.

Everything would change.

Your world would shift.

The clouds would move away.

Believe in yourself once and for all.


Believe in yourself just this one time and believe for all – because that is what you do.

What you believe does impact the all.

Where do you begin and another ends?

Tell me that.

When you truly see you will know the answer is not what you believe it to be now.

All things change.

Slowly or instantly.

That is up to you.

The pain you perceive is of your doing, the game you play.

Make a decision.  Know what you want.

The universal creation machine will wait – there is nothing else for it to do.

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