Jun 022010


What is the biggest problem we face?

Your own indecision.

As a collective and individual.

Without decisions you are doomed to life playing by other’s rules and not getting what you desire.

You can choose to do nothing but then you complain nothing is happening.

You create your reality regardless so you might as well try something new.

Decide what you desire.  Choose it.

You cannot run out of decisions or choices.  You are wildly abundant.

Decide again and again and again.

You have taught yourself there is only one chance, one time, one opportunity to get it right.

I tell you this is not so.

There is always another opportunity to choose again, to decide differently.

Free yourself from such notions of your one and only chance.

Free yourself to explore and experiment.

Fail on purpose so you can see how much you’ve succeeded in such failure.

You are stuck by your thoughts.

Free yourself.  Go against the grain.  Do what you don’t expect.  Go full circle in the opposite direction.

This is only hard to do because you make it so.

But useful because you see where you have made boundaries for yourself.

Free yourself and you will free others too.

The time has come to see differently.  You can take the lead or wait to follow.

One will help you decide differently.  The other won’t.

Decide on purpose.  Make a choice.  Take a stand.  Be clear.

These are all the things you desire but hesitate to do so.

Start now.

Learn how to decide.

Become skilled.

Decide again.

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