Jun 012010


Pull back.  Take a wider look.

You’ve been looking at the pieces for so long now you’ve forgotten the bigger picture.

You might even discover some pieces you are working with are from an entirely different puzzle.

No wonder you couldn’t fit them in, try as you might.

The gap you’ve been trying to fill may be no gap at all.

Step back and have a look.  Take the time to see the bigger picture and the bigger one after that.

Two steps back is a good place to start and then step further back.

You can’t, you say – but you can.  It is there for you to see as you open your eyes and mind to so much more.

Breathe and relax.  Make this fun.  Enjoy the game.

Create the picture you are here to create.

The pieces are here.  Put them in place.

Take away the ones you don’t need and clutter what you have.

You know which ones they are.

The new ones will slip in easily and rearrange themselves to fit anyway.

Pay attention.  Look.  See what is there to see.

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