Apr 222010


There is much turmoil going on in your world.  You wonder how you can ever find that centre of peace within yourself.

There is no centre.

There is just you and everything else.

See the turmoil for what it is – you experiencing your world and trying to make sense of it.  What’s out there doesn’t appear to match what’s going on in here.

And you don’t even always know what is going on in here.  That seems all a-jumble too.

That is not you, the real you.

Go beneath that – pull the fabric apart to reveal what’s laying underneath.  Unravel it all even though it’s all intertwined.

Picture a cotton ball that looks like one big mass.

But as you gently pull at the edges it starts to give way, the fibres begin to pull apart and you can see individual threads and space in between.

Pull some more in all directions and the mass you once saw begins to dissolve, even break away into pieces that you can easily discard.

You give mass to your turmoil and you can break it away.

Which direction do you choose to go?  What do you wish to experience?

Sometimes even greater turmoil can help you turn it into less but you must go into it with more awareness of what you are trying to achieve.

You have it within you to do so.

What do you choose to do?

And what are you going to do with the results you find – that is the more important question to ask yourself.

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