Mar 182010


The good and bad, ups and downs, ins and outs.  These are the cycles of life – you must endure not.

Live them.

Life is not something to get through.  Life is something to be in.

When you are in life the polarity or duality of opposites disappears.  You are able to see much more than ever before. 

And you cease to be the yo-yo going from one point to the other – back and forth, back and forth.

Have you ever seen a yo-yo stop at a point that is neither all the way in or all the way out?  Think about that.

What do polar opposites do for you?  Trap you in a game of trying to be somewhere in between but at neither end?

Or do you like the swings of back and forth, and the momentum it gives you to keep going?

Backwards perhaps but is that not one of the directions you must go if you are moving back and forth?

What is the alternative then?

To live in life and see more than this or that.

Two points form a line but they also form a segment – a portion of a line … or they form an arc, or a radius, or a diameter, or a side, or an in-and-out reference, or whatever you want them to be.

The opposites that you see are only opposites in the context you give them.  Change your context and suddenly your opposites disappear.

What if black and white were two single points on two different scales?  Then what – could you have black and white at the same time?

Could you have a whole scale of white and another of black and grey was the overlap of the two?

Interesting thought.

You just need to step out and look different.

Your concept of a line is so very limiting for you.  That is what you are up against right now – busting out of such a flat perception of the world.

You are much more than that and you live in much more than that.

This is your time to shine – which means you radiate all over.

And you can’t do that with your life as a line.

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