Mar 112010


I asked you earlier what the most profound thing you could say was.  Let’s start there today.

What is the most profound thing that you could say, that would blow us off our feet?

That is the allness of isness – all there in that moment.

Did you hear?  Did you label it as silence – that I wasn’t speaking to you, not giving you an answer?  Were you ready to hear and know all that is?

There are many reasons or purposes for silence – yours and mine.  It is a most effective tool for you – a time to step back rather than jump in, a time to listen instead of speak, to ponder rather than surmise.

There is no good reason to jump in with an answer right away.  In doing so you often cut off possibility and therefore opportunity.

You have much more wisdom than you know in silence.

To turn off the endless thinking is to enter into a new kind of conversation with me, yourself and yes, everyone else.  You will learn to “think” in a new way – a collective way as you call it.

But first you must get past the constant chatter that diverts your attention.  Slow down, relax, take a moment and let it come to you rather than always trying to find it.

Have you ever tried to think of something and it’s just not there – a name perhaps or a face you have seen before but where.  Continuing to think about it only pushes away what you know is right there.

Then sometime later – out of the blue – comes the name or thought you were looking for.  “It came to me” you often say.

That is quite true.  Let more come too.

You can do that in the realm of silence – much more can come to you there than being in your mind.

You can come to that which you call profound too.  It is all there, as are you.

Do not keep yourself separate from it anymore – not if you want to.

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