Mar 022010


How many thought habits do you have?

Like needing your glasses to see.  When you take off your glasses or contacts does the world go dark?

No.  You are still able to see, not as clearly as you might like but you are able to see.

But instead you told yourself a lie that unless you could see perfectly or clearly then you couldn’t see.

Do you know what that type of thought does in your subconsciousness?  Take a guess. 

It sets up a pretty large all-or-nothing, a large leap from total blindness which really would be not being able to see.

It also dampens your confidence in yourself.  Seeing is something you can still do quite adequately yet you believe you can’t so how often do you try?

How soon after waking up do you put on your glasses and what is the last thing you do before going to sleep?

You simply allow yourself to believe something that isn’t true.

Think of all the places where this happens, where you do something based on what you believe and not what is true.

If you’re willing to break your eating habits then be willing to break your thinking habits.  In fact, by breaking your thinking habits first you will be able to break many of your physical habits.

You would be amazed at how many of your physical habits start with a thinking habit.

Take a look at where you like to find yourself in familiar situations, where you say I’ve always done it this way, where you say I can’t or could never.

Have you ever tried anything different or tried long enough to see if it works?

Your thinking habits are an excuse to not change.  Those are your biggest obstacles.

Get used to uncomfortableness and see what’s on the other side.  Maybe uncomfortable is just a way, an excuse to hold yourself back.

Thinking habits don’t always keep you safe.  They mostly keep you the same.

And if you want to change, staying the same is not helpful to you.

Take a good look at your thoughts.  You will soon see which ones are helping you in moving forward and which thoughts are working hard to keep you the same.

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