Feb 172010


Today is a special day.  Like every day.  You have the opportunity to choose differently.

What is holding you back from making that choice?  What is your mind using against you to put this off until tomorrow?

The choice is now.

What will make you choose differently?  Where is it you do deeply desire to change?  And where is it you choose to be the same?

Yes, you choose to be the same.

There is nothing wrong with that.  Just be aware of what you choose to remain the same. 

If that is the fullest expression of who you are then celebrate your opportunity to be and do that again and again.

Anything less than your full expression of yourself requires a slight course correction here and there.  Celebrate  your knowing there is more of you coming forth and share with the world.

Celebrate your movement into the fullness of your heart and being.  There is immense joy in that knowledge even if you are still on the path to being there as your full true self.

And I shall give you a little secret or hint now – there will always be a next grandest version of you.  When you are your full self you will see there is even more to you.  There is more you can be and more you can do.

But do not concern yourself with that now.  Move towards the current fullest expression of you that you are aware of now.  The rest will come.

We will create it together as we are creating together right now.

Who is that person you choose to be?  Move into that more fully.

Notice the resistance, the excuses, and disempower them by the knowledge they hold no power over you.  They are in the light now and not hidden.

That alone is progress.  That alone is a celebration of joyness.

What you do now is up to you.  How do you choose, what alterations do you make?

What does it feel like to be more you?  That alone will help you choose differently.

These decisions do not have to be grand.  Going left instead of right is all it takes.  You will feel the difference of freedom from your own excuses that perform as ritual barriers for you.

Pay attention to where and when you are fully you and where not.  You will automatically be fuelled by being you – a magnet to yourself.

The magic all along is you.

And will always be you.

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