Feb 052010


Go forward into the day, into your life.  I encourage you each day to do this with the greatest of love and admiration for you .

You will succeed.

You cannot not.

What you may not see is what you are succeeding at. 


The more life you take in, the more you embrace your experiences as explorations of life, the greater you succeed.

Whether you make money or reach the top of Everest or raise children – they are all just experiences of life.

And if you don’t reach the top or close up shop or struggle with an unruly child – that is life too.

Ask yourself what you are learning about yourself, what this experience has to offer.  That is success.

Making money does you no good in the end.  If you sat in your chair and watched the money roll in – would you say you succeeded in life?  Just sitting there?

I think you will say not.

The success you find is in the experience.  Sitting and doing nothing does not hold much for you.

Now think about adding a little dash of struggle and a shake or two of overcoming the odds and you are making something for yourself.

But also know you can have those same experiences without the negative viewpoint.  You can experience joy while working to get something that is just out of reach.  You can smile while you seem to be at your lowest point.

Experience both if you like – they will attract more of the same.

Which do you choose?

To succeed at having more experiences than you could ever imagine is right before you.

Shift your viewpoint five times over and you will have five times as many experiences.

Your so called failure is staying in a rut, continuing to look at life in the very same way.

Did you ever consider your problems as you perceive them are caused by continuing to run at the wall over and over again without taking a step back?

You might see a ladder or a door or a window if you did.

But as long as you continue to see the same way you will only experience running head on into a wall.

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