Jan 302010


Take a minute.


Focus on nothing.

Just let yourself find this moment naked.  Bare naked.  No requests.  No purpose.  No nothing.

Just be here naked.

This is the moment you can step back and have the greatest clarity.

Find a way for yourself to break out of your current energy.  There is no point in going any further down this road so you might as well stop right now.

So stop.  Breathe.  And just be still.

And then laugh.   Even in the midst of your worst possible moment.  Even if you don’t feel like laughing.  Even if you are the furthest possible point away from feeling like laughing.


Fake it if you have to.  Laugh mockingly if you have to.  Laugh.  Just laugh at the absurdity and insanity of it all.

This life, your life, is absurd and insane.  Laugh at the biggest joke you’ll ever hear – life.

Life is a joke.

And when you realize this you will laugh at how serious you have become.  So serious that you lose yourself in the insanity and don’t even recognize it.

The only way you can see out is to move out – and to do that just laugh.  You will be amazed how quickly your outlook will change just by laughing.

You can’t hold the same view as before when you laugh.  It is impossible.

Laughter draws in an entirely new breath of energy that overcomes all others.  Laughter brings with it the shift you so desparately desire.

If you don’t believe me then try it for yourself.

Start laughing.

Yes – you can laugh all the way to the bank.  Literally.

If you are worried about your money, if you are filled with financial woe, then laugh all the way to the bank.  Laugh while you pay your bills.  Laugh while you figure out which bill to pay.


It costs nothing.

Except negative energy apparently.  You laugh at the expense of losing your old perspective.

Now who’s funny.

You’ve taught me well.

Begin with a smile.  Make the worst forced smile the world has ever seen.  Then go look in the mirror.  Or have somebody mimic you – for that is a mirror too.  Just sitting there looking at your reflection of the world’s worst forced smile.

Be careful.

Don’t let that smile turn into something genuine for that would mean you don’t feel as crappy as before.

You will discover how instantaneous combustion will be.  You will feel the pressure of the energy build up inside of you.

But do not let yourself laugh.  Do not let yourself see a different way.  For that would ruin everything.

And then you will find you cannot not laugh. Let it out.  Let it through.  Even if you don’t want to.


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