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The spice of life.

For as much as you don’t like the unknown – you do.  You like to be thrilled with the unexpected, the adrenalin rush – when you are in control.

Watching a scary movie is in your control – you do or you don’t.  Or a mystery movie where you hunt for clues, you don’t know what’s lurking around the next corner.

But when those same conditions are not in your control then that mystery, that unknowningness gives you a different kind of scary.  One you don’t like very much.

Control is the only difference.  But control is somewhat of a false safe haven.  There is so much more that you cannot and will not control than what you do.

What is control anyway?

Oh, that’s a question you want me to answer.

Control is like a safe haven, an anchor in the ground.  I can make something happen or not – it’s up to me.

And you like that?

To a certain degree.  Being able to control something puts me in the eye of the storm – a place to be calm and gather my bearings.

That is internal control.  You can do that anytime.  You can choose that space anytime.

In fact, that is the only thing you can control.  Trying to control something outside of you is an illusion, a game you play with yourself.

When you control your outlook or perception in any situation then nothing will really phase you.  You can roll with the punches as you like to say.

That doesn’t mean situations won’t be challenging or overwhelming – this is what you asked for to grow.

Controlling how you react will change how you move through.  Your outlook will change your situation in an instant even though what is happening is still the same.

If you knew everything the mystery would be gone.  What game would you play now?

For that is the choice you will soon face.

When you know everything there is to know – what then?  Will you be disappointed there is nothing more to uncover?  Will you create a new game?  Or will you start the game all over again?

How many times are you willing to hit the reset button before you move on?

Use your knowledge of mystery, curiosity and discovery to elevate your own personal game – and the collective game too.

Start changing the rules now – make a tweak here and there.

Use the tools to move closer to Home any way you choose – you can.

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