Jan 032010


Clear yourself – breathe deeply and exhale.  And again – one more time.

Take the fuzzy energy inside and release it.  You do not need to carry it any longer for any reason.

Make yourself whole again in the sense you can feel through you like a cool breeze.  Nothing clogs your way.

You are a being of great light, of great joy.  Enjoy being.  That simple.  And then take that out into the world.  Your self is enough, more than enough.

Plan now what you want to do in this world but do not get attached.  For plans change.  That is meant to be.

But do not alter your course when you know deep inside, when there is no doubt or question as to what you feel in true passion.

Passion can be tricky at times, disguised as many things that do not appear to be passion.  Likewise, passion can be the label used for other things or feelings that are not.

Do not confuse yourself with this or that, is or is not.  Just be aware as you go along and find clarity through what you are doing.

Mistakes will be make, wrong turns followed.  But in the end they all lead back to you.

Create your life filled with wondrous desire, grand dreams and imagination. Play dear one, play with what you call life and in joy going forward with all that you do.

You know deep in your heart there is no wrong turn, no path mis taken.  See the wonders for all there is.

Be kind to yourself and remember to breathe.  Clear your innards of clutter.  You do not need.

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