Jan 022010


Oh what a day for you my dears.

To be in the presence of life and death at the same time is an honour few get to experience or recognize.

Be joyous for your dear departed one for they are home now.  With you always in another form.

Do not weep for them but yourself.  See your tears as joyful that you can experience and feel an incredible moment of truth.

Plain and simple truth. 

You are the guard of that truth, not as you stand vigil waiting for such a transition to happen but at the moment of passing from one life to another.

Feel that truth slip between the barriers of time and space to behold a secret bond only a few ever experience.

Beyond Time And Space

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It is your honour as well as mine to be together in this moment of great being and joy for your dear loved one.

Go forward into this day and the next knowing you have shared a great truth with a dear one.  That is a gift they gave to you [that] you will hold forever.  You will come to see that even if you do not see it now.

Share in the joy and the sorrow and see them as one – for they are there for you to behold in your heart as one.  See them, feel them for what they are – the joy of life lived full out.

Blessing my dear one.  I hold you always.

All my love.


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