Dec 252009


You can look as far as you like and you will never find it.

That is because you are seeking – which pushes away what you desire.  The peace you seek is within you.  The glory – and by that I mean the expansiveness and connection to something greater – is within you already.

Do not forsake these ideas for they are not new – they just go unheard again and again.

You desire a Christmas wish today – something profound, something that will change or shift your world.

What would you say – what would you tell you if you were me?  What would that message be?

Do not say you do not know – what is it you long to hear from another?  What tidings do you wish were brought to you?

This is already inside of you – whatever you seek is already inside of you.

Go now and listen to the message you have to share.  It does not magically become better  because it is from me.  You are me.  So the message is magically from you.

Raise yourself higher to a vantage point that allows you to open yourself up to greater possibilities.  The possibility [of] what you have to share needs to be heard.

You are the one.

But not the only one.

There is a difference in your society on what “the one” means.  It is not what I mean.

There is only “the one” but it is not the individual you like to make it mean.  You put so much on one set of shoulders.  You like the drama of the potential crash.

Build ’em up and knock ’em down.

The collective one, the One can share the burden so much more.  You do not go through this life alone – nor with only a few.  You play a game so complex you have yet to understand all the intricacies of what you have created.

Go now and be the one today – and every day.

How can you become the one more deeply together?

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