Dec 172009

Day 31.  Will I, won’t I.

I was this close to all-crazy erupting the moment I stepped out of bed.  And it all came to a screeching halt 10 seconds after my feet hit the floor when I realized I had sneakily devised all-crazy out of nowhere.

And by the time I finished breakfast I had decided to throw all those good laid plans to the wind.

Day 31 – I am here.

The autonomic writing continues with a couple of minor changes.  Each entry will have its own title to break up the monotony of “MAP – Day nn” but I will put MAP in the upper right hand corner to easily identify the post as an autonomic writing.

[If you are new to the series of writings you can catch up with the background to My Autonomic Project (MAP).]

For quick access to all the autonomic writings you can click on Autonomic Writings in the Categories box to the right (and down depending on your screen size).

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