Dec 172009


Happy New Year!

Not quite – but you get the drift.  Whether today is the first day or the last day of the year it is still a new day, a different day from all the other if you would only look for it.

See the details of your day to realize that routine is not your friend but your enemy.

Start each day with a fresh look, a decision to begin anew again.  And don’t be hard on yourself when you see yourself acting out the same things again and again.

You believe routine gives you comfort, a sense of normalcy, when in fact the only comfort it gives is the comfort of falling asleep in a warm cozy bed.

Wake up!  Shake up!  Do things different today.

Start your new year today instead of tomorrow.  What is the harm in that?  Celebrate a new beginning now, right now for this is the only time you can make that change.

All the promise you see in a new year awaits for you to grasp it now.  The slate is wiped clean any time you wish – start over any time you wish.

It is that simple.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to do your past – that is routine at its best.  Wake up and change your day.  Do a different dance for a change.  Show others how easy change is to do.

Do not find excuses to keep things the way they are.

Start in June today.

Have fun and take a new calendar and rearrange the months into a new order for yourself.

Does that make you uncomfortable?  Why?  Really look at why.

What if you flipped the page over tomorrow and it said July?  Would you celebrate a birthday?  Have a picnic?  Have summer vacation? Are you so locked into routine that you can’t fathom trying something new today?

Celebrate your birthday today.  Or have that picnic.  How can you make that happen right now today?  What are the possible ways to make July happen today – or any day?

Take a month and jumble up the days.  What does it feel like to see the 2nd come after the first  week?  Or the 10th come at the end of the month?

Go ahead and try it – jumble up the days so you can get a really good feel of what occurs inside.

And for fun, rearrange the alphabet and your list of numbers too.

This will open up the doors to unorder, to rearranging things on the fly.  This will unlock the freedom you wish for inside.

There are so many ways you have arranged life, to put it in a box and keep yourself there, little things you no longer think about.

That is why I say look at the details to see what you’ve done to no longer think and purposefully see.

The devil is in the details as you like to say.  That is because you put the devil there – yes, the devil is lived backwards, in reverse.

See that when you have not lived you have created the devil for yourself – not some evil, bad being that is out to get you.  You do a good job of that yourself.

When you have not lived the devil is a life less than you desire, a life knowing you want something more but but did not live it.  If you want it, desire it, you can have it by simply being who you are.

That’s where living takes place – it starts with who you are.  All else falls away from that place.

When you are who you are there is no longing for a life lived – because you are alive.

  2 Responses to “Devil In The Details”

  1. Routine definitely holds us back … as do “routine expectations”. Anytime I’ve changed my mind about something big (big as in my views on something like religion or politics), it’s the people I’ve known the longest that are most surprised.

    I’m not sure whether it’s more because they expect me to be/stay the same as I always was (and that would be easier for them) or more because I tend to behave like my old self when around them (which would be easier for me). Perhaps it’s a bit of both … maybe one of those silent pacts we made with each other to not rock the boat at the Christmas dinner table !

    Anyone else ever noticed this ?

  2. funny that I should read this right after watching the movie “Four Christmases” with Reese Witherspoon. Talk about extreme families.


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