Dec 162009

I just had a funny thought.  What if I’m the one who doesn’t show up tomorrow?  The question so far has been whether or not you’d be here but it never crossed my mind until now to question if I would show up.

Will you – show up that is?

Sure – I’ll be here – unless all crazy breaks loose and then I might get sucked into that and forget.

Nice out.  Did you think that up? 

Sure did – guess I had to.  Who else would have thought it up?


That’s true.  Anyway, I’ll be here in one way or another, at some point or another.

It doesn’t matter you know.  I’m still talking to you.  This is just a formality for others to document the process.  And for you too – there will be things to do with all of this.

Like what!

You will see – in time.  It will be whatever you decide it to be.  That’s your choice – with my help – because it’s my help anyway you want.

Creation is not done alone.  It never is.  There is always something else involved that consciously participates.  More often on the human front there is something that participates unconsciously. Front, back, side to side – doesn’t matter – you are here to create whatever you want.

You desire nothing because you have it all already.  The game is to bring forward that which you already have.  There is no other way.

See into the bigger picture and know it is all there.  What do you want to grab?

Fear not that which is not here.  That will push it away – but never out of reach.  It will never disappear unless you want it to.

There is a higher perspective involved you do not think about.  It knows what you truly desire and has a hand in bringing things about.  That is why you do not get into trouble with all your thoughts.

Imagine if it did –  if all your thoughts came true instantly. (There is no delay – time does not exist.)

Think of it more as protection from yourself.  You can play with your thoughts and not all comes true.  But when you are truly clear (or unclear) and focused you put energy to it.

Your higher self knows what you want and can delay thoughts for you – to protect you from yourself in a way.  When you are clear with what you want, and your higher self knows that’s what you truly want, then things move forward.

The more you connect into that higher place of thought for yourself, of yourself, the faster those things will appear to you.

So what happens when something appears that I want – eventually but not right away?  Why did it not appear right away if there was alignment.

Because you had to wait for a number of reasons.

You are not the only one creating.  Others may cause a delay – like a whole bunch of gears having to line up in order for the mechanism to work.  But you all decided to play with one another.  Even if you don’t know people here you are playing with, you know them there in the bigger picture.  You all agreed to play in some way.

So your creation may delay too.  Did you think of that?

Who is waiting for you?

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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