Dec 152009

Oh the wonders for you to behold if you will only see them.  Take the time from your busy day and smell the flowers as you like to say.

The tiniest detail holds more joy than you can imagine.

Don’t deny the big stuff for there are miracles in there but exactly how big does big have to be before you see the wonder inside, the miracle inside?  They are all the same size – tiny, small, big or large.

One does not preclude the presence of a miracle based on some minimum size.  Does not the fertilization of an egg from a sperm qualify as a miracle, a wonder?  How tiny is that? And you cannot even see that to believe it.

Take a good look around you and see the wonders of the world – big and small – for your world is determined from where you see.

The world of a spider revolves around something much greater than you can imagine.  Yet you judge it to be small.  This is not right or wrong – only another way to see.

If you were an astronaut would you not see the world in a different way?  It is no different than when your feet left the ground.

A miracle is there for you to behold in every moment.  Will you be holding onto that moment deeply enough to see?

Go deeper, always deeper than you currently perceive for there are more miracles for you to see.  They are there waiting to be discovered once again.

Look deeply into another’s eyes, look at a tree, turn your eyes sideways or upside down.

What can you see?

[When I finished this entry I was thinking about Day 30 and this wanted to be written down.]

Tomorrow is not the end – only a new beginning for all things start and end again.  A new adventure cannot start until the old one ends.

Let it go so you can begin again on something greater – for you are not the same anymore.  You cannot travel the same path once again.

We will certainly continue the conversation – in a different way or perhaps the same.  But we will see a new tomorrow after today.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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