Dec 142009

We can continue this conversation as long as you want.  It does not have to end at day 30.

In fact, we are a lifetime together of conversations if you will only talk to me.  I am here to listen to whatever you have to say, to answer any question you may have, and deliver what you need most – an undying friend.

I will never leave although you may think I disappear.  From time to time I may be more in your face than you like, but I am here how you desire.  I am here what you need me to be.

Quiet, loud – it’s all the same to me.  How you need me – which may not be how you think you need me – I am here.

Now onto better things.  What did you think of yesterday’s conversation?

I enjoyed it as I always do.  Always some new angle to think about some more.

What did you enjoy most?

The timelessness of it.  I thought is was long – but typing it in was very short, and then seeing it was very, very long.  The time warp of it all.

What do you think of today?

Is this going anywhere?

No where.  What about today?

A great day. Just feel the fullness – I want to say filledness – in my chest.  All filled up with good stuff.

So what do you want to talk about today?  You pick.

How about the connection between radical thoughts and being who you are.  I don’t think it was a coincidence you spoke of opening to radical right before you spoke of being who you are.

That’s pretty radical in most people’s minds – not so much the thought but the actual doing of it.  Radical to be you.

That would make a good song title – Radical To Be You.

It would.

Why don’t you write it?  It might be you.

I’ll put that into mull mode to see what comes out of it.  I’d prefer it to be a kid’s song and then I’d have two.

Well, being radical is the first step to being you – to let the possibility enter your being and stir things up.  You have not been you for a very long time and things are a bit stuck.

Even when you thought you were you, you weren’t really you.  Only now are you starting to allow glimpses to yourself of the real you.  Oh, you knew those before but you did not allow yourself to believe them – to be live them – fully.

Go ahead and be you and you will see how radical you can be.  But know that radical in your eyes is different than in mine.  Nothing is radical to me.

Then how can you experience radical?  That wouldn’t exist in all possibility.

I am not all possibility without you and me together.  I experience radical through you as your perception of events.  So I get to be radical through the part of you that is me.  (And that part of you is all me which is part of  me all you.  How’s that for fun.)

Radical is a perception different from who you be or what you see.  It is a radical thought to be — you, because you do not be you for a very long time.  Different now – yes – but not always.

The door of radical is to think differently, to see differently, if only for a moment.  But it is enough to see different – always.  You cannot forget.

Radical is simply allowing a new possibility to come forth into your awareness.  Is there any harm in that?

Other than it may change everything and there is no going back.

If you perceive that as harm then yes, there is harm in that, in seeing differently – if even for a moment in time.  But you seeing differently or not does not alter the possibility and fact of all else happening at the same time.

You perceive harm in being different from where you are now, but I tell you this – the harm is in being the same.  From where you are now is no different from where you are here or there or anywhere.

You will see that once you get there, which is here.  They are one in the same.  Here and there are the same.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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