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What do you want to talk about today?  Do you want to have a conversation to show how it’s done?

Sure.  What do you want to talk about?  I’m a bit nervous on where this might lead – out in the public you know.   

That’s what getting naked is all about.  Getting public with yourself instead of hiding.  If more people would just be who they are, be vulnerable, we would be in a much different space.

That could be “we would being a much different space“.

Very good, we could certainly look at it that way.  So what is naked to you?

Well, other than the initial images of being fully unclothed there is a whole lot of uncomfortableness going on – uncomfortable being exposed.

Exposed for what?

Exposed for who I am with all the warts and pimples.

Is that how you see yourself – all warts and pimples?

Figuratively, not literally – but not to that extent.  I was more so talking about the uncomfortableness of being out there for all to see and nowhere to hide, nothing to hide.

And that is a bad thing?  I tell you the beauty inside of you outshines all that is around you.  Come from that place, not the physical place you seem to hide within.

Go within and let it come out.  You cannot hide that except to yourself.  Others can still see your nakedness, your beauty within you.  The light shines bright.

Thank you for that.  The image or thought of being naked makes me feel like a child, a vulnerable child to the world.

That is an uncomfortable thought, isn’t it.

I tell you that it is not so.  You were a child once in your being but you are not being a child any longer in your life when you are naked.  You are truly who you are – taller and fuller than you could ever imagine.

The beauty protects you – although you do not need to be protected.  The light protects you.  You cannot be physically harmed in your mind – it is energy.

When you stand tall in your mind the child fades away.  You become full again in your heart leaving nothing behind – no part is left out.

Think of a light being masked by something here and something there.  Pull off a piece – reveal yourself just a bit – and the light still shines – it is always there.

But shine more brightly in your own eyes by pulling all the pieces away that block you from being who you are.  You are there anyway.  It is the pieces that block your sunshine.  That makes you feel like a child, less than who you are.

They [the pieces] take your power away from standing tall in who you are.  Take all the pieces away that block you, mask you, and you will be magically tall once again.

You are brilliant in your light if you would only believe it again.  Not just a little but a lot.  Be bright as bright can be.

I just had the thought of the importance placed on being “bright” in school – only they make it to mean your mind, not your light.

Yes, that is a good observation.  There was a knowing of the importance of being bright but they could not know at the time of what was to be bright.  So in a way, by making the brain bright, the mind bright, they blocked out the importance of your light to be bright.

Is a bright child one who gets good grades?

If that’s the measure they use.

Is that the measure for you?

I don’t dismiss the importance of having the skills and knowledge to make your way in this world – but all A’s is not truly being bright.

Why not?  Why do you make such claim?

Well, being one who strived for A’s or good grades in school – I can’t say I was bright.  I was smart – or at least knew how to work the system by the end – but I can’t say I was bright.

My brightness came from a world of discovery, a love of learning, of being curious about the world.  I saw myself becoming dull  and more dull  the more I tried to get good grades and play their game.

To this day I do not want to go back to school because of it – and yet I love to learn – the more I see the brighter I become.

Very good.  So you see the differences in being bright within yourself.  Go back to that place of learning for you and remember how that feels.

Can you be vulnerable from there?


You are no longer a child there.  Bright and as bright as can be.

Look around you and see what is bright within others – what they long to be.  Help them see that again, and to be that again.  See your children, in all of you, their eyes when they shine, like stars in the sky – and help them to be that more fully – and completely in their lives.

The stars are not in the skies – they are in your eyes.  Each and every eye.

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