Dec 122009

Relax into yourself once again and explore all the beauty the world holds within you.

Reflect that back into the world any way you desire.  That may be quiet or loud but reflect anyway.

Do not hold the secret of your beauty within you.  It is not intended to be hidden.  That isn’t in the design.

But here is a secret I will share with you. 

You cannot hide your beauty at all.  You can mask it as much as you like, secret it away in some tiny corner, pretend you are not who you be – but you are fooling yourself.  Only yourself.

Others who can see will see.  Those who are not blind to themselves will not be blind to you.

So take off the mask you wear and see if there is another one underneath.  Did you discover another way you hide yourself from the world?  And when you take off that one is there a mask still there too?

These are the games that are played since childhood and they are too heavy a burden to carry around any more.  Take them all off.  Get naked.  Feel the freedom in your movements that you have never felt before, not in a very long time.

You don’t need those masks, those roles you play, any more.

And now that you are aware – of even the tiniest one – you will feel it, the burden it brings onto you.  Like a wool sweater that itches or a rib in your sock in your shoe.

You can’t ignore it. You can leave it – that is your choice – but you cannot ignore it.  You now it is there.

So why don’t you relieve yourself of the burden you no longer wish to carry and just be you?  Fully naked once again. I speak of this again to remind you, to help you overcome the perceived abundance of uncomfortableness you have around doing this.

Once you become naked you will wonder why you did not do this before.

This is the freedom you’ve longed for so dearly.   It is right there.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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