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[For the past week or so I couldn’t help myself from feeling the anticipation of Christmas as I came closer to day 25.  I have to keep reminding myself there are still two weeks until December 25 actually arrives.

After writing today’s entry I felt we had just unwrapped the most wonderful present.  Merry Christmas!]

Today is a special day.  It is the day you decide who you are going to be, what you desire, what you are going to go forward with into the world.

Today is that day.

It’s not as ominous as it sounds. Today is every day.  You make these decisions, these choices every single day of your life.

But what if you had no tomorrow?  What if today is the last day for you to be who you are, to throw caution to the wind and say

screw it – I don’t care what other people think, I am going to be me, this is who I am.

What then?

Who would you be?

That is who you are.

Throw caution to the wind for today is tomorrow and yesterday does not exist except in your mind.  Who cares what is in your past.  That was then.  No longer exists.  You as that person no longer exists.  You only have who you are today and what you decide for tomorrow.

But don’t wait until then.  If you live for tomorrow then you miss out on today, you lose today in its entirety and will be lost forever tomorrow.

If you wait you die.  You are living for something that doesn’t exist.  Nothing will become clearer tomorrow that can’t be clear today.  That is up to you.

Waiting until tomorrow is playing with the inevitable.  You will make that decision some day.  You have to.  You have no choice.  On the day you die you will be who you truly are.

Do you want to wait that long?  Do you want to waste a lifetime knowing who you are, waiting for you to die?

You will know who you are.  There is no question about that.  It is not “will I” to answer, it is “when will I’.  Those four little letters make a world of difference.

And believe me, there is a world for you to make a difference.  The world is different when you arrive here as you are.

So wake up again this morning and choose differently.  Make this the day of your birth, your entrance into this world as a new being that changes everything.  You did that once and now you do it again – but consciously again and again.

You don’t remember the world of difference you made in your parent’s lives when you were born.  But you did – by doing nothing other than being yourself, by being who you are.

Go back to that time of being fully naked in your heart and become who you truly are once again.  This time consciously.

And you will make a difference in the world.  You will see that soon enough.  Immediately in fact.  You cannot help but do that.

Slide into that familiar place in your heart that you dare not let others see for fear of being ridiculed or burned or whatever fear you perceive.

This is a time of renewal.  This is a day of renewal.  Hope for a better world does not come from outside of you.  It comes from within you.

That is where renewal starts – and ends if you let it be that way.  All you have to do is take one step into your being, into that place that makes you smile because you know this is you, this is how you were meant to be.

This is the comfort of home.  This is what you take with you always.  Home is inside of you wherever you go.  It is not some place you go to.

It is you.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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