Dec 092009

Hold onto your hat for there is much change coming to you.  All good – in my eyes at least so you should look at it that way too.  You have been preparing for this for a long time even though you weren’t fully aware of the depth of change.

You had an inkling for many years now there was more but to no avail.  Pieces didn’t seem to fit.  Nothing much seemed to be happening.

But much has been going on – much more than you can see.  The time has come for things to start shaking quite a bit more.  So be prepared but don’t be scared.

This is not a roller coaster ride with thrills and chills.  The time for that has passed.  That does your body no good with all that pressure and stress.  You don’t need that to evolve any more.

You have the power to change things, to change that process.  Pay attention to what is happening in your life and what you are doing to create it.

This is a back and forth game and now more than ever you have the power to create in your control.  Not like a tennis game where you want an ace, to outscore and win.  The time has passed for that type of game too.

The new game is about all players.  This is a big mindset change in your society.  Win at all cost will lose.  Eventually you will see that happen but what is the damage it causes in the meantime.

See yourself as a winner in your eyes first and then take that outward to others.  How can you make them winners too?  You win the game when everyone is a winner instead of just one.

There are no losers.  That [concept] you made up to learn what a winner is but you don’t know that any longer.  You forget you made up losing to remember winning.  And now you don’t need losing any more for that mindset keeps you down, keeps you fighting to struggle against the odds.

Let go.  You win.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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