Dec 082009

The craziest things pop into your mind.  How can they possible be me talking to you – why would I say such things?  What would possess me to do so?

I tell you this.  The crazy and the sane are all the same.  Go crazy once in awhile.  Go out on that limb and see the view from there.  Don’t hold on so tight to what you think is right.  It’s all fun and games anyway.

Open yourself for the new to arrive and spin your world around even faster.  If you think this is crazy then just wait for what is to appear shortly at a store near you.  I can take you on crazy, as far as you’ll stretch.  Make total nonsense to see how far you will follow me.  To the ends of the earth I  hope and beyond.

Let go of yourself.  Of all you know.  You will find yourself even grander than you ever thought could be.  You are so tightly wrapped in your world you cannot loosen yourself from the old ties.  Expand yourself.  Breath out as far as you can possibly be to loosen those ties, to give yourself breathing room from the slack.

You have been pushing the ties so hard you cannot push them any further outward.  Breathe in, go in to find some space, some wiggle room to move around in.  Then you will start to see the ties loosen all around.

Ties – bonds – are meant to be broken.  Then you get to create something new, to see something new.  As long as the ties that bind are together you will see what you already know to be.  Go further in what you see.  Break apart what appears before you and see what happens – what new appears.

You think this is all in jest but I tell you this is not so.  Break apart to build again.  And again and again and again.

Nothing is permanent so have away – break away to come back again.

[If you’re wondering what MAP is then check out My Autonomic Project]

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